Motley Crue To Put Crue Fest On Hiatus Until 2011

Motley Crue will put its annual Crue Fest on ice next year in order to focus on its next album. Speaking to, bassist Nikki Sixx said that when this year’s Crue Fest winds down in about a month, the band will take “quite a bit of time off.”

"I feel like we're … really going away on a big high to start working on writing a new record and looking forward to the next Crue Fest, which will probably be in 2011,” Sixx said.

This year’s Cure Fest – which wraps up Sept. 5 in Darien Lake, New York -- was expanded to include a second stage. Motley Crue has been closing each stop by performing its 1989 classic album, Dr. Feelgood, in its entirety. Sixx said, however, that future versions of Crue Fest may not always include its namesake band.

"It's growing into something,” Sixx said. “It's more of a community than just about Motley Crue, which in the end is a really good feeling. There might be a day we don't do it, a year we're working on something else and somebody comes in and says 'We want to do it.'”

As regards the next Crue album, Sixx said he’s been working on new material, and that bandmates Mick Mars and Tommy lee have been formulating ideas. All four Crue members are working on solo projects, which Sixx said invariably yields new Crue music as well.

“Any time any of us are writing, that always comes up," the bassist told Billboard. “I was actually working on something the other day for Sixx:AM and immediately was like, 'This is so Motley...' It's an interesting process.”


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