Joe Perry To Tour Next Year Behind Solo Album

Joe Perry is currently on tour with Aerosmith, whose last album of new material was 2001's Just Push Play.

Perry says he will tour early next year in support of his forthcoming solo album. Dubbed Have Guitar Will Travel, a title it shares with a classic 1959 album by Bo Diddley. the new disc was named by Perry fan Joe Piscitelli, after Perry asked for submissions via Twitter. The Aerosmith guitarist hopes to release the album in November.

As reported by Reuters, Perry sings lead vocals on four songs, while a German singer known as Hagen (discovered by Perry's wife, Billie, on You Tube) handles vocals on five other track. Titles include "Long Way To Go" (the first single, and not the Alice Cooper song of the same name), a cover of an early Fleetwood Mac song called "Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonight)," and a new composition titled "Oh, Lord," which, according to Perry, marks a radical departure from the typical Aerosmith fare.

"It's kinda like a Jim Morrison-y prayer set to music," Perry told Reuters, describing the latter song. "My son sings in the choir at school, and I had him bring in some of his friends and they came in and sang the choruses and things and helped with the vibe. That's the kinda thing I really don't hear in an Aerosmith record."

The new disc is the follow-up to Perry's self-titled 2005 album, which featured the the Grammy-nominated instrumental "Mercy." (Perry lost to Les Paul) The guitarist's first three solo albums, all credited to the Joe Perry Project, were released in the early '80s, a tumultuous period during which the guitarist temporarily broke away from Aerosmith.


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