Cort EVL K-6

Appearance is a major charmer from this guitar. Jet-black color that gothic character plus inlay growing impression that this guitar really nuanced 'dark'. Electric guitar in general use glossy finish. But it often makes us aggravation in terms of cleanliness. For guitarists who are reluctant to have a stain that looks stuck in his guitar, sometimes using glossy finish makes fingerprints and cap ex oily hands stuck to the body, so it is very troublesome to keep clean. So EVL K-6 performed with a solution to the problem. This guitar uses a doff finishing the surface of the paint was not easy to look dirty like other guitars.

Hardware side of K-6 has a quality mid-level entry into the top. Body mahony made of wood, maple neck, and ebony fingerboard. EVL K-6 is one of the few types of guitar Cort output using ebony wood on the fingerboard where there is a 24 fret with jumbo size. Construction between the neck and body-type set-in makes the guitar more stable.

3 way toggle and 2 knobs (volume & tone) 2 configuration support fruit legendary output humbucker pickups EMG. EMG81 the bridge, the EMG85 neck, where they are active pickups which soundnya supported by a 9V battery box. Part of this pickup is usually the most attention of the guitarists. Naturally, given these two pickup combination used by the legend and also Dimebag Darrel Zakk Wylde. But actually more rock and metal guitarists who use this pickup service.

K-6 also uses up-down tremolo which is pretty soft in terms of traction and pressure. But if you find a problem in terms of stability tune the strings, it is commonplace in the use of up-down tremolo. Maybe you should use the tremolo guitars that cost more than this if you want really stable like a guitar with fix-bridge or a stop-tailpiece.

One word is enough represented by the appearance, the rocks! Because using active pickups, then the influence of wood species and other hardware factors into the sound generally not as large if we use passive pickups. But basically use the EMG81 & EMG85 high beroutput a solution that has a correlation with the visual display his guitar.

Highly recommended for players who fall into the category of hard rock & metal. To get a rock sound, we do not need to boost the pickup booster or pedal an additional drive. The price offered was in accordance with the components used. To get a guitar with tremolo up-down with a bad quality and 2 active pickups legendary.

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