Rockwell RBH-21

Rockwell is one of the products instrument made in China and Korea. Rockwell RBH-21 is made from wood selection, hardwood timber for the material body and maple for the neck. While on the fretboard is attached to its 24 medium-size fret that use basswood.

There are two models civered pickup in this bass with the adapt model configuration PJ, or with the pickup design Precission and Jazz Bass. Four knob available for optimizing the performance of electronic. each knob is a master volume, master tone knob and balance between the middle and bridge pickup. For hardware, Rockwell chose the color black, the tuning machine, bridge and the knob control. And all made in Korea.

Rockwell RBH-21 comfortable to play, the back of his neck with a finger fit most bass players. It is not too thin, but comfortable and strong enough to hold its fourth chord. So that you can still sustain a feeling awake. Position control knob is also appropriate, but the bass use not playing control knob as often as guitar players.

For the class, sound from Rockwel RBH-21 this be regarded good enough. He can receive the boom in low-frequency tone with a fixed broadcast its, although its character is not too deep

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