Ibanez CS9 - Stereo Chorus

When it comes to compact effects, nine is the magic number. By popular demand (and the understandably escalating prices of the originals), Ibanez has reissued its popular CS9 chorus featuring the original circuitry. If you missed out on getting one of these classics the first time around, now is your chance.

The chorus effect uses a small time delay that’s varied to produce a slight pitch bend. When the delay signal is mixed with the input (dry) signal, the resultant sound moves with a rich, thick undulation. This is the effect of multiple voices playing in unison. The CS9 Stereo Chorus provides stereo outputs that add an exciting dimension of movement to the second. The sweep speed and width controls allow the artist to elicit slow wideranging sweeps or a more rapid vibrato. The CS9 Stereo Chorus—the industry’s fi nest realization of an exciting new sound. — CS9 description in 1984 Ibanez Sound Effects catalog.

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