Ibanez RG-370DX

The Ibanez RG370DX is a popular member of the famous Ibanez RG series - the undisputed standard in guitars for the hard rock player for over 15 years.

Ibanez continues that tradition with the new 370DX and its hot humbuckers, Edge III bridge and Wizard II neck (3-piece maple with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard and sharktooth inlays). The Edge III lets you install strings with or without the ball end, and offers a much lower profile for even better playability. This ingenious design also allows for stiffer string tension arming & improved return-to-pitch and lets you adjust both the height and tension of the arm. Its IBZ INF pickups (2 humbuckers and one single coil) give you the power for heavy rhythm, and blistering, high-gain lead sounds.

RG370DX Features :
  • Wizard II Neck: 25.5 scale neck is 2mm thicker than the super-thin, super-flat Ibanez Wizard.
  • Basswood Body: Basswood is a comparatively lightweight wood, which makes it very comfortable for extended playing. With a good balance of highs and lows, basswood is right in between alder and mahogany in sound character.
  • 24 Jumbo Frets: Jumbo frets offer easy playing for leads and chording.

Without a doubt Ibanez is one of the world’s foremost guitar manufacturers. The Modern Era of Ibanez guitars began in 1957 and since then they have enjoyed incredible success. They continue to experiment with edgy designs and finishes but have never lost track of their roots. Their amazing Artcore line of hollowbodies are some of the most sought after guitars in the world and their RG line is a must-have for rock and metal fans alike. And don’t discount their bass guitars, cherished by musicians the world over. This is a company that can do it all. Straight ahead rock models, elegant hollow bodies and everything in between. They even have a nice line of pedals and accessories that pros and amateurs have grown to love. Find out for yourself why some performers won’t play anything else but Ibanez.

Ibanez RG370DX Features and Specifications :
  • Made In Indonesia
  • Wizard II neck
  • 3-piece Maple Neck Material
  • Basswood Body
  • 24 Jumbo frets
  • Bound Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Edge III bridge
  • IBZ INF3 Neck Pickup (humbucker)
  • IBZ INFS3 Mid Pickup (single coil)
  • IBZ INF4 Bridge Pickup (humbucker)
  • Sharktooth Inlay
  • Hardware Color: Chrome


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