Marlique Guitar (Ridho Hafiedz Signature)

After a while we will be longing to the quality of local instruments, should also eventually appear. And this is one of the factory the guitar that we dare to launch a signature series guitar from the guitarist on the national board.

Some people may already have had a direct view this guitar. But still there are so many who had never seen displayed in the music store. Because this guitar is not widely marketed. You can start the biggest music store in the city you live long to see this cool guitar.

Unique is a manufacturer of instruments when the music would start marketing the product with the serial or artist signature series. Because the series is the artist usually top end of many a manufacturer of a product range. Then usually the artist series is based on constrained specifications of the special guitar, which is not uncommon to override the needs of most musicians. In short, the artist series custom also said that the artists in this Ridho Hafiedz. And as we know, he is a guitarist group Slank. Let's jump to the guitar itself.

For a guitar that actually designed and studied in Indonesia, made the guitar manufacturer Marlique Ridho for this can be a quite elegant. Glance we see a guitar like a fairly good quality. Overall this looks from the body finishing with a quite brilliant choice of a glossy color Sunburst.

Own form of the body be calculated quite good from the aesthetic. Materials selected for the timber body is Mahogany that can be as many timber mills selected as a top class guitar body material. Layer of wood veneer or Maple on top any surface that tends to body flat, to make the surface appearance body the more captivating. On the bodinya there is a binding one layer with vintage finishing. Until this stage, so-so! It seems that everything is done with sufficient good.

Perhaps this is the most interesting for discussion. Elections guitar this specification, according to the desainernya is exactly the desire Ridho. For the size of most of our guitarist, guitar neck Marlique this series be regarded quite thick. According to our measure, its thickness on fret 1 is 22 mm. This be regarded thick neck compared to the size of the most outstanding guitar here. But this series is the artist, so they contained specifications on this guitar.

Materials selected for the neck join this bolt still Maple wood and consists of 3 pieces. 3 design options that are the fruit Maple neck for this can increase the stability of performance on the neck. Usually it is applied to the manufacturer of the neck to make specification more thinly, so that it can stand to stay stable. Meanwhile, as his fretboard, Marlique select Rosewood timber with a radius 12 inches and put the 22 medium-sized fruit fret there.

The form of this guitar Headstock own design approach tends to be regarded PRS guitar or Warrior Guitars. But, of course, not exactly. Because that looks Marlique not want Headstock is exactly the guitar top with the world.

Marlique not put classmates pickup Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan or emg on the guitar. Sure that this causes for the selling price to be relatively more affordable. But a pickup installed on this guitar pickup is made in Korea with the Tesla. Tesla is not the actual name is completely new. For those who like to distort the guitar foreign magazines, they may already know the first name of this pickup. Pickup manufacturer Tesla has been long since become one of the manufacturer for factory pickup supplier guitar and bass which are spread all over the world. Just for pickup designed with the quality of its sound, select the name of the factory is able to be more Tesla worldwide. And when you do this with a pickup, please open the site authorized in

Pickup configuration on this guitar are two positions for the neck humbucker and the bridge. Mounting pickup does not own this body to direct, but use pickupguard ivory white. Whether intentionally or not, the distance of this pickup is a little different from most of guitar that uses the same kofigurasi. There are nearly 1 cm distance between the tip of the neck with pickupguard. While on the other guitar say Gibson, base of neck is always greeted with a pickup, with no means a short distance.

This guitar is quite capable of captivating the Playability. There is no odd that. Sometimes we forget that until this guitar is not imported. This is Marlique made in Tangerang. Sounds heard from akustikal body consisting of in-Mahogany wood veneer maple is very fun. Handrest its position is also good. This new its body. What about his neck?

Indeed, the guitar neck is relatively thick (22 mm), but it does not make our finger trouble when fingering. This is because the design of the back curvature of the earth the right neck and assisted with the fretwork is good. So that the neck thickness is such that, trusrod iron in it does not have to work hard sustain neck straight. Neck and this helps to remain stable in its position. Fretwork that is so well done by Marlique itupun, can enable us to perform the action that is often quite low among the entire surface with a wire fretwire

Guitar sound is quite good! Although it is not too special, but still better when compared with the other guitarist import price is equal to the guitar. Time played with the level of large ampli head through all tubes with 2 pieces 4 x12 cabinet, he was still able to cry, without interference from the problem means that microphonic feedback. Sound settings with distortion can be quite clear tone with the rather good. Notation of time to play solo with slow tempo packing long delay, still sounded good character. The characters sound on this guitar tends to sound bright repro with a relatively low frequency tight.

To clean sound, very good. Bright character that tends to make it sound so clean its more open and not dark. Moreover, apparently on the tone knob, Marlique provide potensio push-pull which allows both humbucker it can be in the coil-tap or combination series parallel. Clean & warm! That is for us a clean guitar sound Marlique Ridho Hafiedz this Signature Series.
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