Eddie Van Halen Recovering After Hand Surgery

In an exclusive interview, Eddie Van Halen tells Rolling Stone's Rock Daily blog that he hopes to "feel 18 again" after undergoing extensive surgery to relieve mounting pain in his left hand.

The Van Halen guitarist said he sought medical attention after his pinky and thumb locked up about three months ago, putting his career at risk.

"I wasn't able to play at all," he said.

Van Halen also revealed that specialists in Dusseldorf, Germany initially thought he was suffering from arthritis, but then discovered a bone spur, twisted tendon and cyst in the joint of his left thumb. The only remedy was surgery-news that did not go down well with the veteran guitar great.

"(It) scared the shit out of me," he said.

Fortunately, it appears that the surgery has fixed the problem, although Van Halen will need roughly four to six months to completely rehabilitate.

He said he is spending his down time writing new material-only without the usual fretboard fireworks so the hand can properly feel.

"In about four months my hand will feel like I am 18 again," he said. "Thank God."

Source : gibson lifestyle


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